A Political Statement

Originally posted on my old website 31/05/2019

I try to keep politics off this page. You’re here to be entertained, not to debate politics. But sometimes things happen in the world that require you to take a stand, to make a statement, to be heard. As a writer if I do not use my voice (and vocation) to be heard then I am a failure. 

Right now I’m in shock and awe (the bad kind). I can’t believe the state of America right now. My family is American and has always been raised to treat everyone with respect and integrity. It’s always been clear there is still a vein of racism in America, but I always believed it was a minority group. It is clearly not. 

What I thought was a vein is more an entire nervous system. Yesterday after reading tweets I realised there are still folks who lived through segregation in America. There are families who still understand what that was like. What we’re seeing now is segregation still exists in America, only it has evolved with the times. Denying basic human rights to POC and treating them as disposable is barbaric. It has only been since Trump took office and began spewing his own brand of bile into media and legislation that my eyes have been opened.  

I am no longer a US citizen but I had been proud to have been of US descent. The hate and the vitriol being hurled at peaceful protesters, children, and POC sickens me. White America you can do better! White America you SHOULD be doing better. I realise there are white Americans who feel the same way I do. I see you on social media fighting to speak for our fellow citizens, using your voices because you know they’ll be more likely to be heard. This statement is not directed at you. This is directed to the Americans who are “staying out of it”, saying “not my fight”. Eldridge Cleaver is often misquoted as saying “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” Right now there are a lot of people who are part of the problem. Either because they want to perpetuate this kind of culture, or because they aren’t fighting with those being oppressed. The system is broken when people are pitted against each other. The system is broken when good people do nothing.The system is broken when people are starving, freezing, and dying in the street. The system is broken when people innocently going about their business are killed, threatened, or harassed for the colour of their skin, their sexuality, or anything that is perceived as “other”. America the world used to look at you as a leader. They will do so no longer.  

America you need to fix yourself. As a country you need to heal. You need to take care of your people. You need to make your people not only feel safe, but BE safe. You need to feed, clothe, & house your people. You need to make sure all Americans have access to education & healthcare. 

America you need to stop gas-lighting your own people. White America, in this broken system it seems your voices are the only ones that will be taken seriously. You need to speak up. You need to protest alongside POC at this critical junction. Take to social media, or, if you’re choosing to be one of the people taking to the streets, wear your masks, socially distance as much as you can. Although being keyboard warrior may be a better option for the time being. But above all else use you vote to count this November. Voting is a minor hassle on the day but your choice to vote or not sets the tone for the next four years and beyond. Vote for your future, your family’s future, and for the rights of every US citizen. It’s important now more so than ever before. If I still had the power to vote I would be using my voice to vote Trump out. He is the face of many of your problems, but he is just the face. The brains & the body behind him are even more insidious than POTUS’ inability to form a coherent thought. Voting matters & it is one small way you can make a difference. Make it count.

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